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16th to 18th September 2016 · Stadthalle Kassel
The manga & anime convention by Animexx e.V.

Animexx e.V.
Rules for weapons


There is hardly any cosplay without weapons. However, German weapon law has established strict limitations and rules on what can and what can't be brought to public events. Even the liability fines for accidents are legally defined: 10,000 Euros for injury, 100,000 Euros for death and 500,000 Euros for disability. Therefore, we must perform a weapons check at the Connichi.

We distinguish between three kinds of weapons:

forbidden weapons
objected weapons
permitted weapons

It is the sole discretion of the checkpoint staff to assign classification. Their decision is final and may not be disputed, especially in ambiguous cases.

Please remember that these rules do not exist to annoy cosplay fans but to meet the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. We are aware that nobody would attempt any nonsense with their laboriously crafted cosplay weapons but there is always the possibility of an accident or another person tampering with them in an unobserved moment.


Forbidden weapons

Forbidden weapons may not be brought to the convention area or to the Kongress Palais at all. Upon being caught, violators will have their tickets revoked immediately. It does not matter whether the owner of the weapon possesses a valid license.

Among the forbidden weapons are:

  • Genuine firearms, softair and gas pistols (loaded or unloaded), genuine ammunition
  • Pyrotechnics and explosive devices (bangers, rockets etc.)
  • Throwing weapons (e.g., shurikens, darts, throwing knives)
  • Brass knuckles, clubs, steel rods
  • Choking weapons (e.g., nunchakus)
  • Edged or pointed metal weapons, sharp or blunt (e.g., katanas, swords, sabres, machetes, hatchets, spiked maces, knives of all kinds except pocket knives)


Objected weapons

Objected weapons will be confiscated at the entrance in exchange for a receipt. They will be stored in a secured area of the convention. If they are part of a cosplay or performance competition, they will be brought to the stage by experienced staff and may only be carried on stage during these events. Afterwards, they must be handed in immediately. When leaving the convention, objected weapons can be retrieved at the weapons checkpoint.

Among the objected weapons are:


  • Firearm imitations and metal or metal/wood replica
  • Edged or pointed weapons with blades of wood, plastics, etc. (e.g., katanas, swords, sabres, machetes, hatchets, spiked maces, knives of all kinds except pocket knives)
  • Poles, rods or pipes made from wood, metal, fiber-reinforced polymers, hard plastics or combinations thereof, also multi-part items (e.g., kendo equipment, bamboo swords, lances etc.)
  • Arrows of all kinds, independent of material
  • Riding crops longer than 1 m, hand whips with a lash longer than 1.5 m, pole whips with pole longer than 1 m and lash longer than 1.5 m


Permitted weapons

Permitted weapons may be carried at the Connichi during the entire convention. To mark a weapon as permitted, the weapons checkpoint staff will affix a special label on their first introduction.

Among the permitted weapons are:

  • Weapon imitations from foam material, rubber, cardboard or soft plastics
  • LARP weapons ("Live Action Role Play" - commonly foam material or latex replica with stabilizing core)
  • Weapons and poles from a combination of wood and/or cardboard/plastic/soft material (if the wooden part does not dominate)
  • Rods that clearly serve only as stabilization
  • Bows and quivers without arrows
  • Riding crops and whips unless restricted by the Objected Weapons list

Note: Refusal to have a weapon labeled will result in classifying and treating that weapon as 'objected'.

Clothing accessoires

  • Spikes of wristbands and collars must not exceed a length of 5 cm and must be blunt
  • Chains from wood and/or plastic must clearly belong to the costume
  • Metal chains must be attached to the costume in a way they cannot be removed
  • All clothes should be without sharp corners or edges
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